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E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

Developing a high quality e-commerce website is not a small matter and requires interaction between a number of parties. Besides the initial development of the website, one has to liaise with banks, setup a merchant account, setup an account with a 3rdparty payment provider and then consider which courier company needs to be used and what are the delivery costs.

We have built online ecommerce website software that handles the technical aspect of such a website. All that needs to happen on your side is the setup of the merchant account and 3rparty card service account. It really is a simple process and we will help every step of the way.


Since my dealings with Janet, she has been thorough, reliable and very understanding.

From the onset, she understood perfectly the vision I had for my business. She visualized it with me and brought it to life.

She guided me along the path of entrepreneurship when I wanted to give up and she even went as far as extending my payment period.

I believe that she has creative flair geared towards the contemporary working world. She is accountable for her work and pays attention to detail.

Thanking you

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