Blog : Reasons For Having A Web Site

Reasons For Having A Web Site

Reasons For Having A Web Site

Once you have established an appearance why should your company have a website designed?  What benefit will you receive?  Here are a few reasons for having a website :

  • To establish a presence:
    Approximately 850 million people have access to the Internet, 15 million in South Africa.  You can’t ignore 850 million people.  It shows the community that you are interested in them…you need to have an on-line presence.  You know your competitors will.
  • To network:
    Pass out your business card on a 24-hour basis to potential clients around the world.
  • To make information available:
    The Internet is like a huge yellow pages directory.  All the information that you want will be found on the Internet.
  • To serve your customers:
    You might have important general documents that clients often use. These documents can be made available online via a password protected facility.
  • To heighten public interest:
    Without a web site address on your hardcopy advertising the potential clients are missing out on each and every service or product you provide. A newspaper or magazine advert can only display a certain amount of information. Your web site offers far more.
  • To release time sensitive materials:
    The web site or any content within it can be published at specific times.
  • To make pictures, sound and film files available:
    The Internet provides you the opportunity to display pictures with sound in your web site.  On top of that you have the ability to download short video footage from the web site as well.  No brochure can give you that.
  • To answer frequently asked questions:
    Most secretaries use most of their time answering frequently asked questions.  The Internet has the ability to display all these common asked questions…and leaves your secretary to do the work that benefits your company.
  • To stay in contact with sales people:
    If your sales person (dealer) is not within the range of a brochure and needs to provide the client with visual information, the internet will provide your sales person with the information required to complete the sale.  The web site may have a page dedicated to the dealer to login and download the specific files.
  • To open international markets:
    By owning a web site your doors will surely be open to the international market.  As a matter-of-fact, before your web site is published to the Internet, you should decide how you would like to handle the International business.
  • To create a 24 Hour service:
    Business, on the Internet, is based on a 24-hour service.  It is extremelley demanding to work a 24 hour day. Your web site is also your point of contact when you need to close for the evening.
  • To change information quickly:
    When printing an advertisement in a newspaper there is the chance of spelling errors creeping in, we are all human after all. On the Internet the information can be changed instantly at any point in time.
  • To allow feedback from customers:
    A feedback page can be added to the web site which will provide the visitor with the opportunity to tell you what they think of you web site, product or service. As well as require additional services / products that you offer.
  • To reach the media:
    All the information placed on your web site will reach the media interested in the services that you provide.
  • To reach the younger market:
    The youth are the future of your business, if you can ensure them that your service can benefit them it will be prosperous in the coming years. Most young people are growing up with the internet, it is a communcation concept to them. In all honesty they would probably be lost without the internet.
  • To reach a specialised market:
    You may have a business that specialises in a very rare service and might think that it is not worth having a web site for you market.  Wrong, it is because of that exact reason that you should have a web site.  Be one step ahead of your competitors.
  • To serve your local market:
    Your local groceries store might just be around the corner but buying on-line is becoming a better and safer way to shop.


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