Blog : A brief outline of our design process

A brief outline of our design process

A Brief Outline Of Our Design Process

The client contacts us with their initial requirements

  • We then give an estimation quote based on the requirements and setup a meeting with the client if they are happy with the estimation.
  • From the first meeting we can confirm the exact requirements for the website as well as offer our expertise regarding websites.
  • We then submit the final quote which needs to be signed off by the client.
  • Once the quote has been approved, we proceed with the following :
    • Registration of your domain name/s
    • Setup your web hosting account
    • We then start with the design of your website, the visual layout and work closely with the client on this. We find that this creates a positive relationship with Versatile Designs and the client as we are working together to achieve a common goal, which is a happy client.
  • Once you (the client) have approved the  design of the website, we will then start the implementation of the web site and it''s functionality.
  • Once that is complete, we then populate the website from all digital content supplied to us.
  • When all this is tied off, the website is ready to go live.


Since my dealings with Janet, she has been thorough, reliable and very understanding.

From the onset, she understood perfectly the vision I had for my business. She visualized it with me and brought it to life.

She guided me along the path of entrepreneurship when I wanted to give up and she even went as far as extending my payment period.

I believe that she has creative flair geared towards the contemporary working world. She is accountable for her work and pays attention to detail.

Thanking you

TarynG Training, Growth and Development
Career Coach, Motivational Speaker


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